Ooops! The Team Builders Textbook downloadable PDF disappeared from AMTHRAX site

Team Builders Textbook Posted PDF


I mentioned AMTHRAX’s utter disregard for copyright laws in my February 16 post:

AMTHRAX has even gone so far as to show his total disregard for copyright law by making a couple year old version of the Team Builders Textbook available as a downloaded PDF!


The current page no longer has the downloadable PDF!  Did AMTHRAX respond to my observation (I doubt it) or has AMTHRAX responded to lawyers concerning copyright infringement?  In either event, the copyright laws are not limited to publications only reproduced only in their entirety:

All rights reserved. No part of this book may reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means…without the written permission of…


As for LIFE and TEAM websites:

…The collection, arrangement and assembly of all content on this Site is our exclusive property and is protected by US and international copyright laws. Except as stated herein or as otherwise provided in an express authorization from us, no material from the Site may be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed in any way. Any unauthorized use of any material contained in this Site is strictly prohibited.


Here is one recent example of the many reproductions of TEAM/LIFE Website material (copyright infringement) showing FAQ’s:


I submit that AMTHRAX may want to start scrubbing his entire website of the multiple copyright infringements!   :oops:

I predict it is only a matter of time before the world gets to know AMTHRAX by name and many, if not all, of the identities of the vicious handful of resident mudslinging naysayers who oftentimes are very accusatory and easily keep AMTHRAX busy warning them to stop their name-calling while he tries to keep up with editing out their vulgarities.  And they wonder why polite reasonable thinking people don’t comment more than once or twice on the AMTHRAX site.  I can assure you that no one  in the LIFE business really misses people with such character traits.

It really is true: you become like the people you associate with!

I remind you again: “Follow Amthrax via Email” (Twitter) at YOUR OWN RISK”  Indeed AMTHRAX even admits your IP address is being tracked if you respond to his “fair” poll:

Here’s an unscientific poll asking readers if they’ve filed a complaint with the FTC about LIFE. In the interest of being fair, I’ve even added a response for those who believe in the LIFE business and do not think a complaint should be filed with the government. Tracking is done via cookies and IP addresses, and the cookie will expire after one week (for instance, so you can change your vote if you voted “Not yet, but I will.”).


After 24 days, AMTHRAX has 9 respondents who say they were willing to file an FTC complaint!  28 others have been willing to expose their IP addresses (10 who like Team and 18 who say they’ll file a complaint later).  Very few TEAM/LIFE associates frequent this site anyway so there’s little need for AMTHRAX to be “fair”.

You don’t have to read much on the AMTHRAX site to see the redundant mudslinging theme and repetitious comments by the naysayers encouraging each other.  Take a refreshing break and see Video and/or Written Testimonies from readily identifiable people who are benefiting from the LIFE business.

As Always,  Steadfast

Should you File a Complaint About an MLM with the FTC and Your Local State Government?

In an effort to help AMTHRAX readers distinguish if an “MLM” or “Network Marketing Company” is legitimate I am posting this entire article posted February 20, 2013 on

LIFE Business scam? 4 Tips to learning the real TRUTH!

Is the LIFE Business scam? Learn real TRUTH!

Scam Defined

First things first; a scam is a fraudulent or deceptive act, operation or confidence game, especially for making a quick profit; and emphasis should be strongly placed on the act of deception.
Most often I hear people mention Network Marketing and pyramid schemes or Ponzi Schemes in the same breath.
Here’s where people step onto the slippery slope of guilt by association and fall into troubled waters.
Being a former university researcher, I learned in order to demonstrate the veracity of one’s work two things were critical: first, whenever possible, go to primary sources first, not second or third-hand information; and secondly, the greater the authority of the primary source, the greater weight it carries.

Therefore, to help you make a more informed decision as to whether the LIFE Business is a scam I will take you through four tips provided by the United States Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection for anyone considering joining a Multilevel Marketing organization and provide commentary. (Please note that quotes from the FTC are labeled as such with my comments labeled THE TRUTHrespectively).

Multilevel Marketing Definition

According to the FTC, in multilevel or network marketing, individuals sell products to the public – often by word of mouth marketing and direct selling. Typically, distributors earn commissions, not only for their own sales, but also for sales produced by the individuals they recruit. Not every network marketing plans are legitimate. If the money you earn is based on your sales to the public, it might be a legitimate multi-level marketing plan. If however, the money you earn is dependent on how many people you recruit and your sales to them, it’s not. It’s a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal, and the majority of members lose money.
The FTC further warns that if you’re thinking about buying into or getting involved with a multilevel marketing plan, do your research and learn the details. Continue reading

Self-incriminating Letters from Raquel & Posts May Violate Team Contract

For over three and one-half years, Raquel Peters has repeatedly claimed the Team P.C.  ”took our team” and “stole” our income as if she and her husband were victimized.  If there was any validity to such nonsense, why wouldn’t they have gone to court rather than ranting on social media?  This thought was just confirmed in the Eric Blomdahl lawsuit (see below) as Raquel wrote about her day in court Feb. 7th, “when I also told the judge team has been deceiving people and committing fraud. He said if we believe that, then we need to go to the local authorities.”

If and when the Peters satisfied the requirements to be a Director and were extended an invitation to become a Director, presumably the Peters, like all other Team Directors, would be asked to sign a multi-page Team agreement, no less than annually.  While maybe they hadn’t re-qualified for Director, they clearly were invited to attend the August 1, 2009 meeting.  The Peters act as if they were not bound by any agreement and weren’t privy to the terms!  Obviously signing and complying with such a contract would be required to receive any Team monies.  In order to refresh their memory and the other naysayers who claimed to have been successful with Team, the following excerpts were taken from a representative contract near the dates the posted letters were written (underlining and red letters added for emphasis). Continue reading

AMTHRAX gives more clarity on his AGENDA

1/13/2013 AMTHRAX gives more clarity on his AGENDA and motivation by his statement:

… that MLMs simply do not work for the majority of participants.

Simply stated, nobody can “guarantee” the LIFE business (or any other MLM or traditional business for that matter) will “work” for anybody, let alone “the majority.”  In fact, the repeated disclaimer on all seminar tickets (with a similar statement at the conclusion of each audio program) quite clearly states,

“No one can guarantee the techniques and approaches suggested at this seminar will work for you.  We hope, however, that the ideas presented will assist you in developing a strong and profitable business.”

Consider traditional business opportunities that definitely “do not work for the majority” who start them and are not even affordable for the majority of the population to even begin!

Business Survival Rates including Franchises

Business Survival Rates including Franchises

AMTHRAX should start a negative campaign against all business opportunities based on his logic. :sad: Continue reading

AMTHRAX Misleading About Leadership Guru Lists

The following quote by AMTHRAX is incorrect about the Leadership Guru Lists (bold emphasis added):
January 12, 2013 8:39 am

They awarded the title in 2011 and revoked it in 2013. There was no 2012 list.

First, YES, there was a 2012 list!  I suppose AMTHRAX really doesn’t want his readers to know that Orrin and Chris moved up from their 2011 7th and 12th place rankings by the Leadership Guru site to 6th and 11th respectively in the 2012 list posted early last year.  By way of factual verification you may want to see the entire 2012 Leadership Guru list as posted by Samuel R. Chand, who ranked 17th on the 2012 list (#24 in 2008).  You may notice that like Orrin and Chris, he was also quite proud of that accomplishment and even goes so far as to list it in his bio and introduction sections on his website promoting his books, CD’s, DVD’s, downloads and coaching business.  That’s normally quite acceptable in a free enterprise society, in spite of how terrible it is for Orrin and Chris to do so in the eyes of AMTHRAX due to his personal agenda.

Secondly, the Leadership Guru site has NOT said they have “revoked” anything! Continue reading

Guru Leadership Status “Revoked” OR Did They Change the Rules in 2013? Updated 2/27/2013

If we take AMTHRAX’s report of the Leadership Guru statement at face value, we must assume that they are admitting that their criteria or at least their vote collection procedure for selection of Leaders was flawed for 2011 and 2012.

Let’s look at the Guru’s statement:

And,  when we added an IP address checker to our system this year, two Guru candidates listed in the top 15, Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, who have had substantial votes since 2010, were disqualified and removed from the list because more than 98% of their votes came for only three IP addresses, meaning that only three people voted for them over and over again. This accounted for almost 2000 of their votes.

This statement does not give enough information to justify their conclusion or AMTHRAX’s statement: “Clearly, the people responsible for the Leadership Gurus site learned that they’ve been hoodwinked by Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, and their followers. Good for them!”

“Hoodwinked” – Really?  I wonder how many times “Dancing with the Stars” was “hoodwinked” early on by those especially dedicated fans of sports figures, actors, etc. who were voting multiple times for their favorites until they put their current controls in place?  In my opinion, Guru had a faulty method for gathering votes. How does that justify being “disqualified” as AMTHRAX so proudly posts? Continue reading

Paging Orrin Woodward – IAB Shut Down by the FTC and Leadership Guru Status Revoked

True to his tabloid journalism, Amthrax is reaching for straws as he tries to obtain his  ultimate agenda! :evil:  The IAB (Independent Association of Businesses) being shut-down by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is totally irrelevant to the Life business or Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady’s reputation and credibility.  The FTC action is equally irrelevant to the reputation and credibility of others who have been listed on the IAB website such as Steve Jobs (see below).

Today, AMTHRAX states, “Several months ago, the Independent Association of Business (IAB) was shut down by the Federal Trade Commission.”

In the interest of full disclosure, the document linked to by AMTHRAX was the lawsuit filed by the FTC 9/18/2012:

On October 9, 2012 the District Court entered a Preliminary Injunction.  Reading through the entire lawsuit and the resulting Receivership of IAB reveals no mention of Orrin Woodward or any associates!  Of course not, they had absolutely nothing to do with the IAB. Why would AMTHRAX wait three months and then even bother to mention this IAB information?  Maybe he realized it was not at all relevant, but then decided if he would blog about it at the same time he mentions the Leadership Gurus alleged self-admission of poor selection criteria (more about that in another post), that maybe it would sound more sinister. :evil: Continue reading

Re: Morgans & Peters “Meeting Unjustified Criticism Head-on”-Eric Bloomdahl

Eric Bloomdahl’s article “Meeting Unjustified Criticism Head-on” is a most revealing document that exposes an opposing viewpoint of accusations that have been made by Raquel Peters (& alias “webelieved” -see below*) in Reader Report: Letter From Former Round Table Members: Mark & Raquel Peters and the truly sad story told about how the Morgans were allegedly so mistreated in another AMTHRAX posting.  The couple stories of how the upline allegedly “stole” their businesses about 5 years ago are echoed repeatedly by the same few resident naysayers (consistently less than 6-10 commenting) on AMTHRAX in hopes that readers will believe it to be a true reflection on the character of Eric Bloomdahl, George Guzzardo, Orrin Woodward, and Team with the intent to convince naïve prospects and distributors  that they have no chance to earn significant income, if any.  Their intent is to discourage prospects and distributors from being associated with Team in their MonaVie and/or LIFE business opportunities and any other MLM’s!  It is ironic that this very story proves that a 6-figure income can be earned in just four (4) years or less following the Team system!

:!: “WeBelieved” COMES OUT OF THE CLOSET:  * “webelieved” seems to know about Raquel Peters as if she were her Siamese twin!  Oh well, could it be a coincidence that August 27, 2012 was the last posting by “webelieved” on AMTHRAX or should I say the last 87 comments amongst the 229 comments (as of 12/1/2012) on that one post:

  • # COMMENTS 229
  • AMTHRAX            6
  • Raquel Peters      0 :(
  • WeBelieved        87
  • AgeofWisdom    96

Compare to: Eric Blomdahl versus Raquel Peters – Not Your Average Quitter – Legitimizing the Critics… with a Lawsuit?

NOVEMBER 7, 2012
  • # COMMENTS   158
  • AMTHRAX              7
  • Raquel Peters      64
  • WeBelieved           0 8O
  • AgeofWisdom      15
  • Melanie Morgan    23
  • Rascal Teamster 21

Perhaps it would be helpful to note that in 2009 Raquel Peters wrote, “Our total Team income was $80,000 in 2007 according to our 1099 [her actual 1099 posted on Facebook shows $86,313.36  :) ], $18,000 in 2008 and has been averaging $600-800 a month this year and now is being taken away.”  Continue reading

AMTHRAX “Visual Timeline of TEAM History” Validates Significant Income Potential

In another futile attempt by AMTHRAX to accomplish his stated agenda he has actually validated the income potential for those who actually follow the team system and start from zero to achieve financial success based on their consistent performance.  See: “Visual Timeline of TEAM History”

Let’s start with Orrin and Laurie Woodward who began their career in network marketing with a part-time Amway distributorship in 1993 or 1994, while working for General Motors. The Woodward’s had no background in network marketing.  For his first five or so years in this profession he struggled with achieving any significant success and by 1999 was still only able to gather about 200 people at a conference for his organization.  In 1999 Orrin and Chris Brady attended the Detroit Economic Club where they heard a presentation by Michael Dell who focused on the importance of creating a loyal community in the information age.  Orrin and Chris subsequently developed a systematic way of sponsoring people into their team while making available to each person a strategy along with all the necessary information to maximize their potential for success. The results speak for themselves.  Within five years their team attendance was approximately 12,000 at an Amway/Quixtar event where Orrin & Laurie Woodward were keynote speakers along with Amway co-founder Rich DeVos!  Learn more about Orrin:

The Shocking Truth about Orrin Woodward

The “Visual Timeline…” has begun by featuring a few Team leaders who had the misfortune of filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy:

Chuck & Nancy Cullen – Bankruptcy Discharged August 2009

Joe & Laura Darkangelo – Bankruptcy Discharged December 2009

Mark & Anna Huber – Bankruptcy Discharged January 2011

According to the American Bankruptcy Institute, filing for bankruptcy was unavoidable for 1.46 million individuals and 36,000 businesses in 2011. Continue reading

Confessions of “MustHaveBeenTerribleMother” New Identity: “ageofwisdom51″

Excerpt from “Comments” on AMTHRAX post: “Warning Signs For Your Friend/Family Member is Under Undue Influence”

AUGUST 27, 2012

…My point here is: I want to get to the point where some of you who saw all of my posts as ‘MustHaveBeenTerribleMother’, realize what an angry mental state I had sunk to, where I was mentally when I began to look at Woodward’s etals, philosophical and religiously twisted underpinnings that cloak the money scheme… …Initially, when I found Amthrax, I thought I had to defend and bellow my intellect, education, life experience, and Catholic-turned-Atheist belief system, etc. Continue reading